How should I end it with this guy?

I've been dating this guy on and off for a month. we went out to dinner a couple times. I've spent the night at his house twice, second time we had sex. he's a cool guy but I don't feel the connection and I'm not ready for something serious. we never really talk on the phone, just text. so should I just text him or do it in person?


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  • Oh man, I'm in the same place. Great guy but just not the one for me. I would tell you to do it in person, but it's so hard :C because basically if I agreed to see him, I would do it knowing I'd dump him...he's a nice guy and I don't want to hurt him, but I'm convincing myself that as a nice guy, he deserves to be respected and told in person. Good luck, but you should really just tell him in person.

    Or actually, what do you think about calling him? Because I would feel bad dragging him somewhere to meet me and then making him endure the pain...

    • id feel bad too. I just sent him a tex...we were never that close and I felt it'd be more natural and felt more right through a text. in person would be too try hard and on the phone would be too serious...i was just having fun with him

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  • I see nothing wrong with the power and simplicity of texting: Its not you, it's me. I think maybe we're better as friends...but that's just me.

    • i feel it because we were never super close. and texting has been the main source of our communication. here goes nothing

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  • Texting someone with the information that it's not working out is a bit lame. So I suggest you do it in person. Ask him to come over, tell him you don't feel the vibe anymore and you think it would be for the best to go your separate ways.