Guys who likes to be the boss aka in control, how to pursue them?

I like this guy, he's 30+ with a very good career, it seems like he's destined for a great career path. In the meantime, I also get to know that he's the kind of guy who likes to be in control or he likes to be taken as authority (I think maybe it's due to his career and success). He's the kind of guy who looks like they are sort of a control freak (perfectionist; not in a bad way), meticulous, well planned kind of guy, if he have a date with someone, he wants it to be perfect (as in environment, nice smell, etc.). I made an appointment for discussion in his office once, and he prepared the room to be smelling so nice and romantic, the room was clean, everything in order, while in normal days, he doesn't bother turning the aromatic spray on. and sometimes he just tossed his coat on his chair just like that (it's still clean, but not as much as when I went there, it was perfect!). I also knows that he prepped himself if he's about to meet me, because there's differences in him when we know we're going to meet and when I bumped into him accidentally (in terms or appearances; sort of like I don't really care much because no matter what I know I look okay, but in front of me, lots of perfume, slick hair, well groomed) I think we like each other, but so far he didn't make any move yet to ask me out for a date, so I'm guessing it's part of his wanting everything to be perfect at the perfect moment and time. In the meantime, what can I do to keep him interested or shall I say to make him wanting me more so he would accelerate a bit?


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  • Stay on top of your life as well.

    If he's someone who likes to be in control, he'll surely be attracted to a woman who knows how to take care of herself and has her own goals to achieve.

    Having the characteristic of wanting to be in control doesn't necessarily mean he wants a partner who he can dominate, it just means he'd probably look for someone who is just as strong-willed as he appears to be.


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  • Be a challenge to him.

    Be the one that controls him or be the one that he can't control.

    • like how? I don't have any idea how I should do that. so far I gave him small gift when he least expected it, and he was super shy about it, he blushed so bad (I believe that really got out of control; not what he expected). and I often drop by his office on and off without warning (for some questions and stuff). I didn't even greet him if I saw him, because he always beat me to it.

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  • i would say with these types especially they would pursue you if they are interested