Why would you not want to date someone?

I really like this guy for a longg time. He says he likes me too and we talk all day everyday now. He also says he is very attracted to me. But he doesn't want to date me. We live couple of hours aways from each other and he uses that as an excuse. I told him I will move for him but doesn't want me to. The thing is he never asked me out when we lived near each other. When I ask why he gives excuses and not a reason. So why won't you date someone you can talk to everyday, care about, and also be attracted to? :-(


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  • Be friends with him and go out and socialize more and live a more rounded social life. You will then be more the right type for him or someone like him if he happens to live closer at some point. Trying to obsess with only him and telling him so is too intense in my opinion. He may well think that your attraction to him is too over the top since you hardly have had other experiences. I don't mean go out and suddenly become more sexually experienced. Find other friends who are guys to do things with and it's alright to tell them that you only want to limit it to friendship for now with the new guys and only advance when you feel it's right. Let him know that you are doing going out with other friends and being friends with him is fine. This will release his concerns about you being too over zealous and obsessive. It's the best why to any possible future with him... Hope that makes sense.

    • Ya that does make sense. I will try that and also give him some space...thank u

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  • maybe he just want to be friends he like you has a friend talk to him bout it <3

    • But we messed around twice...and he knows he is the only guy I have done anything with. We didn't have sex...I brough it up couple of times and I get the same answer.