Are some guys just not able to express their emotions?

I've started dating an older guy (32). He's not dating anyone else and when we're together there is amazing chemistry. I would say it's headed in a serious direction. He's kind and funny, though I wasn't necessarily attracted to him physically at first, I think he's pretty amazing now. Problem is, he's not a big texter or phone talker. Its frustrating when I don't hear from him between our dates . Also he's not very affectionate or open unless he's had a drink or two, at which point he's ALL about PDA, lol. Are some guys just not into texting/being all open emotionally/verbally? I guess I've just always dated guys who wanted to text constantly so it's weird being with someone who doesn't.

thanks for the insight in advance!


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  • My guess is that he might be nervous talking about feelings, he probably really really likes you but just afraid to say it. He might be the same kinda person as me like not being able to talk about their feelings easily but once you've been with him long enough he'll get comfortable and probably won't be as nervous but it's only a guess and he might not be used to using his phone a lot. Hopefully this has helped in some way


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  • it depends. is he the one who is planning dates? if he isn't the one planning dates, I honestly think he's just not that into you.