Good idea to buy her Christmas gift?

So I've been talking daily to this girl I like a lot for about 2 months now and we have 2 two day dates where I've sleep over in her bed. And on thurs we are going on our 3rd date and probably our last before Christmas and was thinking about getting her a small gift. Now we aren't officially dating yet, I have to make it past her 4 date rule to see what develops between us. Which I understand but I've really enjoyed our time together so far and was thinking small gift would that come on too strong? What sort of gift idea would be good if its okay to get her something? I had idea of making her a cupcake as she's talked about making me one an I could surprise her with one.


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  • Stuffed animal or candy


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  • Giving her a gift sounds fine. To make it more personal you could get her something for a hobby/interest she has.

    Headphones for music lover, art supplies for artist, book for book lover, a movie she likes, etc. If she likes jewelry you could get something like cute pair of earrings or a charm bracelet.

    Depends on what she is into. Your gift doesn't have to be expensive. The thought is what will matter. :-)


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  • Bro you gatta get something either small and really cute or it has to be cheesy. Maybe even an accesory to a hobby.

    If she likes coffe get her the Starbucks cup, something that tells her you have been actually listening when she talks