Is there any way it would be okay to ever be with him again or is it really over?

Hi guys, I really need an opinion on something. Recently me and one of my best guy fiends and been hanging out a lot at his house and other places. He kisses me, and I thought he actually liked me and that it could lead somewhere. The weekend we went to a bar with my friends, including him, and the whole night he was with another girl and made out with her right in front of me. I don't knwo what to do. The next day he texted me saying that he didn't remember what he did, which I did not believe, I told him how he made out with another girl and he did not respond and hasn't texted me in about 2 days. What should I do? I still really like him, I don't want our friendship to be ruined, but I feel like if we don't talk about it it will just be awkward between us. Is there any way it would be okay to ever be with him again or is it really over? Please help, I'm desperate :(


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  • I would say to move on with your life. If the guy did this and it was right in front of your face, he obviously is playing games with you and does not take your relationship seriously. That was a really jerky move for him to make in the first place. In this case, I'd say that he is deliberately trying to make you jealous, which is a horrible thing to do. He is playing mind games. You are worth more than someone trying to manipulate your feelings for him and who plays mind games to keep you interested and taking his bait.

  • Maybe he doesn't look at you as a girlfriend, but just a friend. I have a problem with that too. I'm friends with this one guy and I can't stand to see him with another girl! Maybe you should continue a friendly relationship for now, and if he continues to be flirty (like by kissing you) then maybe you'll actually start a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship!