Have I ruined everything? Will I hear from him again?

i met this guy a month ago. Clicked instantly and got along extremely well, never met a guy like him. We saw each other every night, and spent like 6 or 7 nights apart in that whole month. He told me he liked me, that he always wanted to see me and that he'd never get sick of me. Then I think he started getting 'busy' and I started to freak out so I started trying to make dates with him, which I think annoyed him. I stop msging one day and he msged saying he wanted to see me the next night, so I got all excited. But the next night he didn't come see me and msged late in the night saying he went to bed. I talk to him the next day and I asked if everything was OK and that if I was annoying him, tell me to stop and I will back off but he said no its fine, stop worrying and all that and we said we go on a date the next night. I then msged him the day of the date to see if we were still going out and got no reply and he usually used to message eventually. Its been 2 days now and still haven't heard from him. Will he eventually message me again or is he over it completely?


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  • Sounds like a classic case of loss of interest but don't loss all hope it might not be. Sometimes when people spend so much time with people over a short period of time they get tired of people. Maybe you could just give him some time to himself and after a little while he will try to get back in touch with you. He might just be confused about his feelings for you and is trying to sort You can't expect someone to spend all of their time with you and for their life to revolve around you. In retrospect you shouldn't let your whole life revolve around this guy. I can't stand people who just drop their whole life for the guy/girl who they are seeing, especially when they just stop hanging out with their friends. I would suggest that you don't contact him anymore and wait and see if he gets back to you. In the meantime keep on doing whatever you usually do with your life and act like its not a big deal. If you ever see him or ever see one of his friends they will probably tell him that they saw you out and you looked good.

  • Yeah, sounds to me like he got a little bit sick of you. Not in a bad way, but you know, if you end up seeing the same person over and over for a very short period of time, you get very easily bored. I'd say give him some space. Let him contact you for once, and not just because he feels like it's the right thing to do but because he genuinely wants to.