Can I date this Arab girl ?


i like this Egyptian girl,that I see at my college campus. I was going to ask her out. But I am not Egyptian, but instead I'm Indian specially a Punjabi (Sikh) not baptised, born in Canada. I'm 95 % sure that she was also born here. Depending on her religion, would this appose problems. If she's either Christian or Muslim.Also like many Egyptians wear hijabs, she does not.

let me know

thank you


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  • I reckon you could give it a go. I've had experience with relationships that have been multi-cultural ( particularly Muslims) and it has not caused me a problem . It really depends on the person and how strong their views on religion are,but you'll never know unless you give it a try and get to know her. Hope this helped :)


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  • Well, she doesn't have to wear a hijab to be a Muslim. She could still be a Muslim and not wear it. What's her last name? or her fathers name? you could tell if she is or not a Muslim. and if she is then I don't advice you to ask her cause she is not allowed to date non-Muslim men.(and it doesn't have to do anything with how strict religious she is,its just a rule even the most non religious girls follow ;) )

  • If she is Muslim, then she can only date a Muslim man, she is not allowed to date any other religion. But if she is not Muslim, it will be up to her parents if they are okay with it. I only know this because I was recently involved with a Muslim man, I am Christian. The men can date either a Muslim woman, a Christian woman or a Jewish woman. But Muslim women can only date a Muslim man.

  • You will have to ask her what her religion is and if it prevents her from dating people outside of that religion.

    Muslims, Jews and Christians can all be very picky about whom they date.


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