Guy made me travel to his hometown for a first date, impolite?

we had an evening date. he wanted to meet up in the city. I said I am fine with that. I live in a town outside the city that takes about 30-45 minutes by train. I thought he lived outside the city too. but it turns out he lives in the city. so I had to travel in and for him it was maybe ten minutes to the restaurant from his place.

on top of it all he didn't even call or text to ask me if I got home okay and it was dark out when I took the train home. and it isn't such a nice train, it's a subway.


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  • This is what you have to ask yourself: Is this the way I want to be treated by anyone?

    So often we second guess ourselves, asking friends and family if we are reasonable in our expectations, but the truth is that we have to set our own standards for how we want to be treated and cut anyone who does not measure up. So, hey, if this was a long time friend and they did something like not call to see if you were okay once out of the multiple times they did check on you, you would know that was not the norm for them. But a new guy who makes you do all of this, wow, that is not the type of behavior I want to spend time enjoying in the future. No good will come out of continuing to date someone like this. You are low priority to them.


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  • He had you take a train for the first date? That's a bit of a red flag. So is not checking to make sure you got home safely.

    See if he's willing to come to you for another date. If he is, there's a chance he was just oblivious. If he refuses, you have your answer about how the whole relationship will go.

  • That was impolite, the least he could had done would had been to travel back with you in the subway and perhaps even walked you to your front door. That's if you didn't mind for him to know exactly were you live. I say you don't see this guy again. Total non caring douche/ass hole.


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  • Forget him! Totally impolite and did not even ask you if you got home ok? So not cool.