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What things to talk about on second date?

Just trying to figure out what to talk about with a girl on a second date? Planning on going for ice cream.

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  • Ask questions you haven't asked a before.When things naturally flow you don't have to figure out what to talk about.If you find yourself constantly having to think of what to say next,then chances are this isn't the girl for you.

    • Ty for ba :)

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  • ill just list conversation starters.whats your fav ice creamu know what I've always wanted to do...do you like pets? have any?what were you like as a kid?what was your most embarrassing moment?what do you want to accomplish in life?do you believe is astrology? (careful not to sound like a creep)what are your parents like?what do you want out of our relationship or expect?hobbies?habits good and bad?how are the holidays treating ya?hope this helps

    • if she 69s girls like you do ... yuck.

    • i 69ed a girl once or twice and she had no issue with it...yum

  • That's when you can let loose a little bit. Talk about your job, friends, family, future goals or things that you are really interested in like hobbies and stuff like that.

  • What you like to do on the weekendBest place you've ever traveledHoliday traditions Most importantly anything from the first date you remember her saying she was interested in.

  • Talk about you're favorite things to do, but also ask about hers. Girls love to talk about themselves if you seem interested in what they're saying, well at least I do! (: I have fun playing the 20 questions game in the beginning of an almost relationship, it's sort of like an ice-breaker! Have fun and good luck!

  • Hmm I'm thinking:How many siblings do you haveTalk about childhoodDon't talk about future yet lolTalk about likes and dislikes... I'm sure you will find things in common or even differences which will help your convo flow ??�

  • make it a bit deeper convo than the first date. Remember women love to talk about themselves, so let her talk and most important, listen to her. Talk about your families, interests, maybe some memories as kids, dreams for the future, etc.

    • good info. but if a girl starts bragging so will I.

  • You still don't know her at the second dateGet to know her

    • Umm if you stalk girls Facebook pages like I do you'd know them a lot better then they think! From favorite bands, movies, places they traveled, favorite drinks, places to hang out, etc. etc. etc. and if you think its creepy its not. Its not my fault they post everything about themselves on Facebook.

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  • Now that you got date #2, there's less pressure to "impress", so the interviewing stage is over.I say talk about different topics this time. Keeping getting to know the girl. :)

  • You should be using material obtained on your first date as conversation material. You must find common interests to talk about as a base and then exchange opinions and random ideas in an attempt to fish for more common ground. If worse comes to worst, comment on something in the vicinity.

  • Talk about first date, if that was awesome and talk about how to step it up on third one :D, that should keep it going.

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