Going to AU in the fall... racism and dating?

I have heard that at AU the majority of white people are racist and the majority of black people are the stereotypical black people. I'm black, but I don't really fit into the stereotypical black crowd. I'm a little concerned about friendships, dating, rushing. I want to have friends and guys as friends and to date or mess around with but I don't know how that will work at Auburn. Help?


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  • Honestly, I wouldn't go to that school if I were you specifically because of that or I would see into other schools to transfer to ahead of time. Not only is college a huge, expensive investment, but you want your college experience to be wonderful :) It's the last time you really geto somewhat be sheltered from the real world. You want to have fun and have a loving, positive atmosphere; not feel stressed like an outcast among a bunch of fools.Try it out if you'd like, but eventually you may have to remove yourself from the situation if you want true peace of mind and happiness as well as friends.

    You don't want to get cozy with white people who may make racist jokes or comments towards you. You don't want to have to conform and shift your identity to please black people who are going to try and confine your individuality by pushing these stereotypes onto you. Maybe you'll find someone who's not like that though :)


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  • I have a black friend who went there to study and he didn't notice anything like that. It probably depends on where you go and what people you meet.

  • I feel you. I don't really fit in with "B.E.T." type black people either. But I'm in the Northeast, so it isn't an issue. You're in the heart of the beast down south. Hope it works out for you.

    • I plan on moving back up after college, I just hope these next 5 years aren't hell.

  • Basically, you want a white boy?

    • Hahaha, I want a guy that's my type. I don't really have a preference as to ethnicity. from what I hear AU has redneck white guys and BET black guys, neither are my type...

    • Well, I don't blame you at all then, because I'm not into BET black women. I know what you mean

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  • Hang out with other suburban black people. You're not hood so you won't fit in with them, and don't be the token hanging around racist whites. You'll meet other black folk like you,I promise.especially since you're going to college, you all will just find each other

  • so you want to interracially date is what your getting at. Then if so , if what you heard is tue from your experiences be picky, and very wary who you hang out with

    • Im not against interracial dating, or same race dating.. I really couldn't care less about the outside (except maybe for how people care for themselves) but I'm not into trashy or mindless/souless whether white black brown grey redneck, ghetto ect. (with that said its the mindset and personality, not the family, place or DNA they come from)

  • Be the one to change some racist minds and show some stereotypical people they can be themselves instead of following the crowd just to fit in.

    • I hope to, but I went to a small high school down here and these peoples minds are slow to move, let along change. But thank you!

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    • I don't want to offend any southerners who are cool, but I have no love for the confederacy lol. Screw the racists, why should you have to worry about changing their minds? They are becoming an irrelevant part of the country anyway. I hope it works out for you, but for the type of girl you seem to be, you'd probably end up thriving in a nice liberal big city like NY, Philly, or even D.C.

    • Doesn't work.they won't change.better luck finding a cure for cancer