Guys just don't want to date me.

I'm 20, never had a boyfriend.

It's been about 5 months since my last post here, on a similar topic. You guys gave me some great advice, told me to focus on myself for a while, etc, learn to love myself.

I have done that. I joined a dance group that performs regularly to get some confidence. Got a new hair style, I made lots of new friends too. I came out of my shell quite a bit.

But no guys. Nobody actually wants to date me. A few just want to sleep with me. No guy is after me, or wants to get to know me, or thinks I am particularly interesting.

What is the problem? Every guy I have gone for in the past year has friend zoned me, easy peasy.

There are plenty of girls who don't love themselves who have boyfriends.

I know there's likely nothing wrong with me, but sometimes it sure feels like it.

No matter how friendly I am, guys still look right through me. I'm a great friend, but no one is going to put in the effort to actually date me.


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  • Sounds like you are movin in the right direction by making these changes. 1st off there are tons of loser guys who are just lookin for a quick piece of ass. That just comes w the territory when you're a woman. There are plenty of great guys out there tho it just takes awhile to weed through the bad ones. My guess would be that you are maybe not throwing out the right signals to guys you're interested in or are shooting for guys possibly a little outta your league. Guys like a little mystery and maybe you're just being too available and friendly to them so they just see you as a friend. I would keep doin what you're doin, but maybe kick up your flirting skills a little bit and draw some more guys in. Stay away from the players that are just lookin for some ass tho. Those guys are pretty transparent. They pursue you hard and try to get intimate w you right away. Look for the guys that are a little more shy and reserved cause they tend to not be the overly confident player types. Good luck!


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  • Are you going after guys that many other girls seek for one reason or another (he has great looks, wealthy, super confident, etc.)? If you go after the types of guys that a lot of other girls are chasing, you'll often only get offers for sex, as these guys aren't likely to settle down with you or any other girl. Also, have you tried online dating?

  • the thing about dating that makes it less frighting is you never know it will work so if the guys aren't coming to you then go to them. I'm sure you have guy friends even the one that friend zone you can help. cause in order to catch what you want you need to do research and really put in effort cause guys won't. you gotta put yourself out there if you wanna date..if your looking for love don't get the two most likely will find you. dating is just like being really good friends and gaining a experience. why not try websites with the matching system?

  • Have you tried meeting guys through friends? Maybe one of your mates could set you up with someone they know?

    I've never actually met anyone who can't get anyone, only people who can't get the type of partner they want.

    • Yeeep, I've aligned myself with some friends who have guys come over. We were all just hanging out the other day, us and the guys, and the guys were talking about how they were after these girls, and they were going to try and run into them. So obviously in that case, I'm friend zoned.

      The last time I hung out with a new group of guys, one of them wanted to sleep with me. When I didn't pick up on the cue, he kind of stopped talking to me. The rest of them didn't acknowledge me after the party

    • Most men will want to sleep with you so long as you're not overweight. That doesn't mean that they wouldn't also be open to a relationship though. Maybe he mistook your lack of interest in sleeping with him that night for a lack of interest at all?

      Have you tried online dating? As a woman its impossible to have a profile and not get offers, although the standard of guys won't be great.

  • i'm almost 25 and no girl wants to date me


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  • Lower your standards?

    May we see a picture of you please?

    Maybe you're afraid to flirt? Or you're shy?

    Anyways, around our age nearly all guys like partying and drinking, hooking up with no strings attached. The immature guys mostly want a girl with cup D boobs and loads of confidence.

    I suggest you play around a bit too, untill you find a guy that suits you better than the rest.

    • Yeah, I'll show you a picture, personally. I don't know if I want my picture just chilling on this website, haha.

  • Are you picky?

    High standards?

    Are you sure you don't have a terrible personailty?

    Are you trying hard enough.

    Why don't YOU sak them out..

  • Well if you have guys friends that you have special feelings for don`t wait for them to make the frist move make it yourself ask them if they like you the way you like them and if they do date them it`s simple and easy! :)