Why did he flake on me? Worth the time of day?

I met this guy who is 25 and he has his life straight, has a good job and is basically independent. I'm 20 and I'm still going to school but I have a pretty good job as well. In the beginning he tried putting me down because of the fact that I am young and I am not ready to settle down. I didn't hold back in telling him how I feel about his negative comments towards me. We went out on our first date and he mentioned and showed me a picture of his ex. I had no intention in knowing more about her and I reserved my comment to myself , especially after the fact that he called her a vulgar name. He told me he was testing me when he showed me his ex gfs picture. (I don't know how) Although it did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. The second date happened and prior to this he was acting like he did miss me and such but that could be all talk. Anyways we went out on our 2nd date, he took me to a restaurant and after a while he told me that a girl that works there (and was there at the moment) he use to talk to her and dated her. It was awkward for me especially when the female saw us both. I didn't mention anything to him about it, again I reserved my comments to myself. After that date he wanted to hang out another time and he set up the date. The day of the date he did text me and I replied but the conversation was dead afterward. I did call him to confirm and I didn't get any reply. I left it at that and I haven't heard from him since.

He did express himself on how bad he wanted me every time we saw each other or through text but I ignored that because I wasn't going to give him any s** anytime soon. I don't know how it went to having complete interest in me to having none. I don't want to say he only wanted th9ing only but still. He was immature and I did expect something more out of a 25 year old but oh well. Sometimes having expectations about something or someone can lead to disappointment. What do you guys think ?


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  • He is playing you like a child and it is good that you see this. He got your attention by putting you down, women love to fight and prove something, it does not matter what and you fell for it.

    Bring up other girls is just plain bad taste, he possibly farts at the table and think that is funny. If he blew you off because you will not put out, makes your choices easier but it is still a game.

    He will come back. You think he has his act together, all that glitter is not gold.

    Let him go.

    Good luck,

    • Yeah I know. Someone once told me I shouldn't prove myself to anyone. I'm slowly learning but I will get there. Thank you so much for your comment though :)


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  • So honestly, besides the fact that he has money from a good job, what is attractive about his guy's personality? I don't see one thing you mentioned in those huge paragraphs that makes him a likable person. Are you having a hard time finding dates? Do you feel desperate that if he doesn't respond, you'll have a hard time getting another man to actually like you? Don't you consider yourself likable? Seriously, what's up with those questions? I'd love to hear your responses.

    • He's funny and easy to talk to. We get along very well and we both can joke around with each other and not feel like if we hurt each others feelings, he is also kind. The things I don't like about him are that he questions me having a boyfriend or anything of that matter. I don't have a hard time finding dates and if one happens then great if not then I'm not so bummed out about it.

    • I just want to know why he acted like that. Everyone is different and one must accept that. Everyone has flaws just like I have my own. I am a very understandable person but I will not put up with crap.

    • Personally, I'd move on. He seems to be comparing you to lots of other women. To me, that means he's either insecure or trying to get you to be jealous. If you can find dates so easily, why try to hang around a guy who is displaying controlling/insecure behavior? If you can do better, do so!

  • I think he was picking every dating mistake and applying them to you hehe.. talking about his ex on a date ? lol

    Good riddance

  • Testing you should be a deal breaker.

    Putting you down (different from good natured ribbing) should be a deal breaker.

    Walk away.

  • Oh gosh these kinds of people. Don't waste your time, based off your picture you're really cute and dating shouldn't be too hard for you.

  • I don't understand your username

    • My last name and first name without the vowels and yeah I know . I guess they don't know what they want. But thank you :)

    • Oh, sorry I didn't answer the question..I was just curious about your username, so I asked

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  • i think he isn't worth your time.