How can I fix things with this girl?

Alright so the thing is I've been talking to this girl a lot lately and I like her and I think she likes me. The thing is that earlier this week, this f*cking b*tch went to the girl I like and started telling her sh*t about me. I have no idea what she's told her she probably lied to her but I know she talked about me, and now, the girl I like stopped talking to me and doesn't answer my texts anymore, when we used to text for hours everyday. How am I supposed to fix this situation?


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  • you don't


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  • If the girl you like is too immature to talk to you in person about the rumors she heard about you, and she decides to ignore you instead then she's not girlfriend material anyway. You don't need to fix anything. Nothing is broke at this point. If the girl truly likes you, then she will eventually confront you about what she has heard. Give it some time. Keep your cool.