We're not dating but he still hangs around. Why? Should I confront him?

I have a guy friend who I see and have lunch or dinner with at least once or twice a week for over 6 months now. We flirt, we're both a bit shy, we're awkward sometimes and he often wants to talk about relationships. We are both too proud and nervous to make a move and he told me that he is dating another girl now. I tried to keep my distance from him, however he continues to want to hang out with me and tell me about his life plans, goals, the work he is doing, his problems etc. For two weeks I kept telling him that I was busy and he became more insistent to hang out. I want to confront him and asks him what he wants from our friendship/relationship but I don't want to scare him off or sound accusatory. I'll admit I like to hang out with him as well but dealing with this uncertainty is driving me nuts. Help?


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  • Are you interested in a romantic relationship with him?

    • I think I do but I have doubts and I find his mood swings a bit much lately but I guess I have feelings for him and I'm not sure what to do. I have a hard time believing that he has the time to date another girl because he pretty much tells me his entire schedule and let's me know that he doesn't have any time to spare. He's a bit of a workaholic and that worries me and at times I feel like he treats me like a convenience which is why I have doubts.

    • Maybe it's not a good idea to pursue him.

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  • He definitely likes you. You guys seem to have a good relationship but neither of you know what to do with it. I would talk to him about it because honestly, if the guy wants to spend so much time with you and wants to keep you so involved in his life, then he likes you.