If someone is all you ever wanted but the kiss isn't that great would you stay with them?

Like all you ever wanted in a partner and this person likes you back but the kiss isn't that thing its good but not great all the time...


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  • Personally I think in this situation being able to communicate is great. I think losing someone that great over the kiss is sad. If you communicate with him and tell him you like it when he kisses you a certain way, if he's too rough, say you like it when he kisses you softly, or gently. If he's sloppy, or something else then you need to say to him without making a big deal out of it, maybe suggest trying a new kind of kiss so it doesn't make it so obvious that he's doing something you don't like. Just talk to him, kiss him the way you want him to kiss you and he may follow, try things, don't throw it all away over a bad kiss.

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      Its just that he doesn't open his mouth much and I feel his teeth and most of the kisses its me that do most of it when he does its great when he sucks my upper lips is amazing but he doesn't do that often, we just started dating but he is more than I ever wanted

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      Perfect opportunity to tell him that you like it when he does those things like sucking your upper lips, that will most likely encourage him to do it more. If you start the kiss and introduce opening your mouth he may also follow.