Girls , when do you stop replying to a guy's messages ?

Girls , generally if you are texting a guy , what would cause you to suddenely stop replying to him ? If you don't reply to him the same night , would you at least apologize and reply the next day ?

[ Let's assume the guy didn't say anything rude/controversial]


Most Helpful Girl

  • Text messaging isn't like instant messaging. I actually don't quite get it when people feel the need to excuse themselves from a "conversation" via text - the whole makeup of text messaging is so that people can get back to the message on their own time, like e-mail. Unless it was an emergency or I take an unusual amount of time, I don't feel the need to apologize, and I don't expect anyone else to apologize to me. Don't sweat it too much - it's likely not her ignoring you. She may have forgotten it or just didn't feel like talking, or been busy.