Is it possible for us to get back together?

My now ex boyfriend and I dated for 3weeks, he felt smothered by me and discontinued the relationship. This relationship was via Xbox and live and text, also should mention we are not in the same country, about 2years ago I met him, we've been friends eversince. we'd chat and game together and on... Show More

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  • He doesn't have any big feelings for you, let alone all those butterfly-special feelings you have for him. Giving too much importance for this feeble relationship is not worth it. Move on. He's just not interested in you. Perhaps, he might come back to you, when his life sucks or he's dying of boredom. So it's better you never contact him again.

    • I could kind of tell he wasn't that interested in me, and it's not butterfly feelings it's that feeling that makes you smile and helps when things don't go right, just his presence made me feel warm, I noticed changes in myself, I was happy with my life and everyday I could sleep contently, but I guess despite whatever he said, he never did have feelings for me, sounds a bit harsh but he is still an amazing person and I'm not heartless so I wish him all the best..I guess he could do better(: