She pushes my hand away why when I try to reach up her leg

we've been dating for 6 mths, she is 27 I am 28. we have never kissed or touched anyone until recently. we were in the cinema and she enjoys kissing me and me feeling her boobs, I like rubbing her inner thighs and moving further up but after a short while she pushes away by hand when I try to reach in for her crotch area. This is done over her jeans however. why does she push away my hand?

how do I know if she likes it. I want to really turn her on, maybe she likes it a lot.. I don't want to stop doing it and deprive her from enjoyment
wow so many responses.. OK so she let me do the same in the car without problem. maybe cinema was too public. I asked, she said she liked it, so a lot of you guys were wrong. it is always best to ask the girl yourself if you are not sure.


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  • She's not that kind of girl. Yoou can only feel her up in public to a limited extent.

    All girls have their standards, you know, their rules for public and pubic behavior.

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      best answer. short, to the point, and not insulting

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      Thaks for the compliemtn rubyjean! I agree!

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      Best Answer! She has rules about public the car, it's private...