What's the deal with height difference in women and men?

why is it more acceptable for taller guys to date shorter girls, than it is for tall girls to date shorter guys? I just don't understand the whole stigma around it. I love tall girls even though iam only 5'8. seems like most women as well are not comfortable dating shorter guys. I don't get it. is it because women want to feel small around their men and don't feel as submissive around short guys?


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  • I thinks it's just because there is a sterotype in a relationship that the man should be the stronger one out of the two and should look after the women.I suppose people think shorter men are weaker so wouldn't be able to do that.Gender stereotypes all suggest this,women are submissive,men are domineering.physical appearance to relate to this would mean tall men and short women.


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  • Very interesting item on Youtube: "The Truth About Short Men 20/20"