Why was it weird when I introduced my date to everyone?

I went to a party and brought a date with me. I was the only one out of my classmates who did and I introduced her to everyone and... it just felt weird. Because this was the first time any of them had seen me with a girl outside our class and because it was the first time I brought someone from my world into that world.

And we didn't stick around to talk, me and the date pretty much went on our own and had fun. Is there some psychosocial reason why the atmosphere felt so weird?


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  • In my opinion, its just a matter of getting used to the feeling. I think (not sure) that you're a guy who doesn't trust people easily and it might have been a big step for you to bring someone in a different environment where you're not exactly used to. This happens, because those who haven't experienced a particular feeling, feels weird, or perhaps, out of character. For example, take an introvert. If that person goes to a party, he/she is bound to be shy at first and may feel weird. Hopefully this helped you understand. :)

    • yeah, I'm introverted, so maybe that's why. It was like two different worlds colliding. And my classmates, most of whom are girls, all acted a bit weird. One of them kept smiling at me and the other usually would ignore me, but whenever I walked past by her with my date she kept calling my name.

    • The one who kept smiling probably thinks that you found someone and gave you an understanding smile. The other girl probably felt jealous and envious. Thus why she acted so diverse


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  • Not at all! that was the gentlemanly thing to do. :)


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  • Everyone probably thought you were showing her off. I mean, if you were initiating the introductions, it would seem kind of and and desperate on your part. However, if you happened to be talking to someone and introduce her, it's completely okay. There's a fine line between friendly introductions and awkward showcasing.

    • well, she actually introduced herself. I just meant introductions in general. We went to meet up with everyone and I said hi to them and then she introduced herself and shook each of their hands. But the vibe was weird.

    • Now that's a scenario I haven't even considered, lol