Ex completely cut me off?

I know I pushed it...I pushed the limit so much...but the last time we spoken was a little over a week ago my ex kept telling me to leave him alone and whenever I finally did he would contact me with one thing small...like a song...or something...I would usually respond or something this time I didn't...he made a fb status about how easy it was fr him to walk away...he had been getting annoyed with me for weeks now telling me he doesn't want me back but we can be friends...this last time he sent me a song and I didn't answer my birthday was four days later he didn't say anything...today I broke down and texted him no answer and the rejection lead me to call and text more...he has completely ignored me...he won't respond to anything ...and I'm crying non stop I don't know what to do


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  • stop txting and calling him.

    you're only making yourself look desperate and pathetic.

    is that the look you were going for?

    would that attract you?

    believe me, millions of us have been in your shoes before. take comfort in knowing you're not the only one. What you are doing and how you are acting is actually very normal after a break up. its a normal reaction.

    The thing is you have to force yourself to move on and disconnect yourself from him.

    Delete him from all social media, block him on your phone.

    I know you have heard it before, but the truth is - time is the only thing that will make things better unfortunately. TIME TIME TIME.

    people get turned off and annoyed when someone is constanting begging them. Think about it, wouldn't you?

    If he contacts you in any way, don't respond.

    BUT you shouldn't or wouldn't even KNOW if he contacted you since you now have him blocked, right? ;)

    Spend this time with your family and friends. (after all it IS the holidays)

    Take up a new hobby, clean out your closet, go shopping, go to the movies, get a new hair cut, pedicure, etc etc. Don't give yourself a minute of free time to think about him.

    Do something that makes YOU happy.

    Move on - not worth anymore of your time, energy or tears!

    Good luck dear.


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  • Stop talking to him. He's moved on. It's your turn.


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  • I think you need to give it a rest for another week..

  • Control yourself and try to distract yourself. It takes time but you'll get better with time.

  • let it go and move on...u deserve a guy that treats and respects you ..

  • The only thing you can do is stop messaging him and move on. I'm in a similar situation. I've pushed things too far with my ex. He has been ignoring me for over two months now. At first, I tried to get in touch but then I realized there is nothing I can do. Whatever I do will just annoy him. The only thing I can do is leave him alone. Same goes for you. It's hard in the beginning, but it gets easier. In fact, after a while you'll feel a lot better because you won't be waiting for a response from him any longer.

    I realize this is not what you want to hear, but it is the only thing you can do. When someone ignores you, you just have to accept it. Maybe some day you can be in touch with him again. But for now, leave it be and move on with your life.