Is My Relationship As Genuine As I Think?

me & my boyfriend have been together for 4months now. we got together 3days after he broke up with his abusive ex who he was with for 3years. after our second week he told me he was going to spend the night at his mothers house &i soon found out he wasn't there. then he told me he went to a party &was scared to tell me because their we're girls there &he only wants me. the night he came back he got a text from his ex &come to find out he spent the night with her! &it was a whole other girl who he was texting "goodnight ,i love you" he admitted once all the evidence was on the table &said it was only for closure &never even gave an explanation for the other girl . i gave him the benefit of the doubt &we started over...a month later while we were arguing about my "trust issues" i found facebook messages of him asking a old high school friend to go out on a date, he said we were going through a lot &i was putting a lot of pressure on him, i forgave him &kept the relationship going,he started taking me out more,paying my phone bill &buying my things,a month after i found text messages to a girl who he said wanted him to join a rap group...she told me she met him at the club he works at &he complemented her on her pretty toes &asked her out on a date &they have been talking about what kinda men she's into. his accuse was "i go looking for stuff &he feels like no matter what he does i still don't trust him" i said that's it! i gave him a month to show me he really wants to be with me and only me,&he has showed it,he changed his number,deleted his facebook,&has been making me a priority. yesterday a girl called his phone &he told her he will call her back,then texted her "don't ever call this number again" she laughed and said ok ttyl. said a friend gave her his number so we both called her &she told me he gave her his number ,she lives in the apartments he works at &last weekend he was in her bed trying to touch her,her boyfriend came in &tried to kill him,she doesn't even know his real name. his supervisor assured me that the girl is lying ,tht did happen but it wasn't my boyfriend who was in her bed &that she just likes him &is also known for starting trouble...idk what to think,i don't want to loose him because some home wrecking hoe has a imagination


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  • Homewrecking hoes aren't the problem here. His unfaithfulness and deceit (as well as your putting up with it for so long) are the problem. He's not gonna change his habits and you'll never be able to trust him. So if you don't want to continue going through the same problems over and over, you should just be smart and leave.

  • Personally I would've been gone. I love myself way too much to get treated bad. As for you I think you can do better, and DEFINITELY deserve better. There is no way that you should be dealing with someone like that. He can only change if he really wants to. I think you should just focus on you and make yourself your #1 priority, forget him. There are so many other guys, and being with him will be so stressful if he says he's changing but he's really not... I hope you can figure this out because as a female I know you deserve better.