Am I texting back too quickly?

Do guys get turned off by girls texting back too quickly? Like, what is reasonable? I don't like to play games with guys, cause I'm always afraid I'm doing something wrong. So, what like, 5 minutes after you receive his text? Or is that too much? too little? ha ha I'm completely serious with this question:)


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  • There is no "time" you should wait. Just text him back when you feel like it, so if that's right away then do it girl. Of course there will be drama kings who will be turned off by it because the world is a confusing place. However most won't give 2 sh*ts.

    • You, sir, have a way with words haha

    • So...I get a compliment from a pretty lady and a best answer, well hell to the farking yeah!

      Thanks by the way :)


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  • I find texting to be an annoyance at times but if this guy doesn't seem to have any issue texting and if it seems to be his preferred way of communicating than there is absolutely know time limit you should wait in replying to his texts.

    If he is slow to respond it could be because he is doing other things and not just sitting at his phone OR he could be playing games to give him a sense of power in the relationship.

    But seriously if you get a text and are ready to respond do it. I like it, when I do text, that people respond quickly so I don't have to sit around waiting for a response.

    You're cute, don't let him pull your strings. Text him when you want. If you feel he's intentially delaying texting just to keep you waiting this guy probably isn't worth your time...

    a good way to test this. get a friend that he also texts with and you both text him at the same time. see how long he takes to respond to each person. You'll find out if he just a slow responder or specifically slow regarding you

  • Texting seems to have replaced actually talking on the phone so I (among others) tend to assume the new meet up I'm talking to is probably also telling 30 other people the same stuff. When you take too long you confirm this, texing back fast tells us that we have your attention and that we aren't just 5th in line waiting for a response to our last text.


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  • no lol just text as you r. you are safe