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How would you react if the girl kiss you on your first date?

I want to know what do guys think on a girl who kiss a guy on their 1st date. For example, they went for a date and at the end of the date before... Show More

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  • Been there, lived that. We were both 19 back then and it was better than a quick peck on the cheeks (between friends the quick peck on both cheeks is quite usual here).

    We had a good but incomplete, slightly frustrating relationship after that, then drifted apart without undue drama and I have fond souvenirs about her and about our relationship.

    I was pleased to see her back in 2012 but now she's a friend: just a hug and the peck on the cheek.

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  • If we don't kiss on the first date I'd assume there's no chemistry and never call her again.

  • I'd be shocked. Me? Getting kissed? And then I'd be all smug. In short, there is nothing wrong with a girl who is bold. Nothing at all.

  • It would be welcomed pleasantly, because if a guy is on a date with you, its safe to say he at least sees you as an attractive girl in some shape or form, so going in for a kiss would be very safe to do,x

  • I'd kiss her back and ask her for another date. I like women that go after what they want.

  • Wouldn't mind it. In my experience, most cases the girl let me know with body language whether or not she's looking for a kiss.

  • as a guy we have to wait for the women to make a hint not the other way around pet.

    and we arnt good at hints

    so just to be a bit refreshing its probably a good idea to just peck him on the lips cause then it will make his time a lot easier

  • I would love it...

  • If it was a awesome date and we had a connection and you took the first step, I would love that, especially for the kiss. I can't see how any of that would equal desperation or anything bad, unless the date went bad, the chemistry blew and it was awkward and she still kissed then I could see it.

    If he asked you out, then he is interested so kiss him, just saying.

  • Depends on how the date goes, if she's pushing too hard or being too easy, then it will be deemed as cheap, if they have the right chemistry then why not? But most guys make the first move if this was the case, only a few would hold back out of fear or some other reason

  • Depends on how much I like her, if I like her I would love it, if I didn't I would probably not call her again.

  • I'm too ugly to get a Girlfriend never mind being kissed.

    • show a pic you can't be too ugly.

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    • You are not as ugly as you think. You are OK. Just show girls your other qualities, maybe if you are able to crack up jokes, that will be a positive point for you. And if you are a gentlemen, that will be another deciding factor too. Not all woman are all for looks you know?

    • OK= Ugly and if since I'm ugly I have to be rich instead. So no matter how I look at it I'm screwed.

  • Depends on how hot she is. If she was good looking, I'd be like

    :| to :0 to :) to xD

    Hahahaha that's pretty much my reaction! I'd love it. But if I was dating her for her personality...or if it was like a pity date, then I'd wouldn't be so pleased.

  • If I liked her, thrilled.

  • I would think she's slutty.

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