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Would you enter in a relationship with a girl that has sex in the first date?

Or would you consider her a whore?

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  • A whore is someone who's getting paid to have sex.

    If she's willing to have sex with me then and there, it's green light from here on. There is a common saying among women, "I don't date/screw/marry just anyone." This simply means that on the first initial 5-second contact, she had determined if a man is a yes type or a no type. A yes type gets laid. The no types are found wanting.

    Which simply means if I have cleared all the safety barriers enough for her to have sex with me and not the other fifty-seven guys, then it should mean something positive. Few things worse than letting some bitch tell a particular decent man he is not sex material, only to watch her pick up random guys every Friday night doing the shag nasty with them.

    If a woman feels good about a particular man and wishes to skip the troublesome stuff, sex is the answer.

What Guys Said 24

  • It would not be an outright NO for me. It would depend on her other qualities.

    But then , I'm not 16 anymore and when people age they don't hesitate as long before coming to sex when meeting someone new.

    If a younger girl said she wanted to have sex on our first meeting there would never be a first meeting. (kinda protecting her)

  • Yes.

  • I'm not really sure I could, unless by some reason the date was just that darn good. If there's a lot to smile about after a date, then I'd be happy. But sleeping with someone so quickly really makes me question if it's a relationship or just a shag.

  • FWB is a type of relationship.

  • Sure I would if we were compatible.

  • First date, yes. If it was the first time meeting her (like at a bar), then no.

    Sex is going to happen eventually if we're into each other so what difference does it make if it is the first date or the tenth? In order to be considered serious dating material sex has to be part of it.

  • Im sorry but I probably wouldn't. That tells me she could just hookup with any guy easily and if we got in a relationship therefore could easily cheat on me. I want a girl who values commitment and not hooking up with random men.

  • id only consider her a whore if a second date wasn't on the cards. its all about retrospect if you sleep with a guy just for sex in the illusion that you wanted more then your a whore. but if its mutual and you see how far you can go in the relationship, yeh why not

  • If you want to take it slow, than you should tell her that...

    You are not forced to do what ever she wants, as well as she isn't forced to do anything you want.

    If you love her, but want some love in return, than you'll have to figure that problem all by your self or just talk to her... Just be gentle and not too agrecive on that subject, but it is always nice to speak to her...

    good luck

  • I once had a girlfriend a while ago, I made her wait until the third date. As far as considering someone a "whore", that all depends on the guy. I didn't lose respect for my girlfriend at the time, but that's me and I was in my situation - that doesn't mean that he'll hold respect for you if you decide to have sex.

    If the girl has sex on the first date, no telling where else she's been on other first dates. That being said, no telling where her ex boyfriends have been either. First date sex can be a very bad thing, and a warning sign (whore).

    I'd make him wait for at least the 3rd date if I were you, at least. Don't forget protection!

  • Yes, provided she had other qualities I'd be looking for in a relationship.

  • I wouldn't be in a relationship with her.

  • Most of my best relationships started with sex on the first date, or very early. When the chemistry is there, it just happens. Shouldnt wait because of some idea in your head that you should wait. That's just silly...

  • "Lifes to short to not f*** on the first date" - 50 Cent, first date

  • In that case only if she has never ever dated anyone before and that's kind of very unlikely.

  • I most likely would, just because it was one date doesn't mean you two had sex within the first 2 weeks of knowing each other.

  • Yes. If a guy is interested in you he is not suddenly become not interested because you had sex, the opposite is true. If a guy was only after sex he will be gone from your life that much faster. If I like a girl the faster she has sex with me the happier ill be.

  • I would

  • probably, so I can lose my virginity

  • No, I wouldn't. According to one study on here, only something like 12-14% of sexual encounters where the girl hooks up before she gets the guy to commit turn into relationships. Guys generally filter out girls that put out easily. We honestly don't like the idea that we think you've already taken tons of cocks before our's. My advice, don't put out before you get commitment from a man, it usually works best that way.

  • I don't see myself with a girl who'd be willing to do that, so no.

  • Sorry- nope.

    If they sleep on first date not girlfriend material for me

  • I wouldn't want to have sex on the first date so I wouldn't want to

What Girls Said 5

  • I don't think the girl would be a whore if they'd already been friends or known each other for a long time. It's just another double standard though... it always seems more acceptable if a guy has sex right away. No matter the person's sex, I think people should wait.

  • Most likely, they will.

  • If he really cared that wouldn't matter

  • You do what you choose to do. Do not modify your behavior in fear of approval.

    He may or may not. There is no telling.

  • Every guy is different. My husband and I had sex on the first date.

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