Would you enter in a relationship with a girl that has sex in the first date?

Or would you consider her a whore?

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  • A whore is someone who's getting paid to have sex.

    If she's willing to have sex with me then and there, it's green light from here on. There is a common saying among women, "I don't date/screw/marry just anyone." This simply means that on the first initial 5-second contact, she had determined if a man is a yes type or a no type. A yes type gets laid. The no types are found wanting.

    Which simply means if I have cleared all the safety barriers enough for her to have sex with me and not the other fifty-seven guys, then it should mean something positive. Few things worse than letting some bitch tell a particular decent man he is not sex material, only to watch her pick up random guys every Friday night doing the shag nasty with them.

    If a woman feels good about a particular man and wishes to skip the troublesome stuff, sex is the answer.