Why is he ignoring me?

I talked to this guy for about two weeks, he was out of town for work and we just texted and got to know each other more. I was friends with him for a while before this, and he had shown interest in me before but I turned him down because he had just gotten out of a relationship. Anyway, we were gonna hang out one weekend he was in town but then the party he was waiting for me at got shut down and we didn't end up meeting up before he had to leave again for his job. Well, then he just randomly stopped texting me completely after 2 weeks of talking. I brushed it off, because I'm not gonna let a guy get me down. Well, he just started talking to this girl and has taken her out and stuff - but I'm the kind of girl that doesn't make things awkward and I'm a big girl I can handle stuff like this. He won't even look at me when he sees me. I have seen him 3 times, and he won't even look at me. I also have his hoodie and I asked him to come get it because I just don't want it anymore and he ignored my message. wtf is he doing?


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  • He's through...

  • Being a ****