How should I make a move on a girl I am dating, if at all? Read below for context.

I met her online many months ago. Two months ago, we met for coffee in person. I was really shy around her because she is so beautiful and has an amazing personality. She makes me smile and enjoy being around her. I took her to a really nice restaurant on our first date, and I warmed up to her slightly. She hugged me at the end when I dropped her off at her place.

The next time we went out was a couple weeks ago, to the LA auto show. It wasn't very romantic, and she had to go to a birthday party afterward. The next night, I took her to the movies.

After that I she went on a trip so I wouldn't see her for two weeks, so after our date I sent her a text saying I thought she was beautiful and amazing and I really liked here. But she just replied "thank you" So I took that as a sign she wasn't ready.

We went to eat a light meal and ice skating yesterday and by now I have warmed up to her a lot, and I think I am confident enough to make the move. I've never really held her hand before, and we have only hugged once. But we are dating and definitely not in the friends zone..yet. When we went ice skating I helped her put on her skates and we were really close, but I was too scared it was the wrong time to just kiss her. When we were on the rink and we stopped at the ledge and we tried looking up where we could go eat on my phone she was fairly close up to me. When we take pictures together I put her arm around her and we are also brush up and hold each other very close. I was thinking about holding her hand while skating but then when another couple fell she commented that that's why partners shouldn't drag each other down, so I took that as a sign I shouldn't even try to hold her hand...too risky!

One bad sign is that she has lately been taking about the other guys she has gone out with, and how she likes going out with me because I treat her nice. Then she took my hands and tried to read my palms. Whenever I talk to her she always seems to be interested and leans in close to me with her hand on her chin and her face and body is turned toward me fully. She always says I'm so funny when I make her laugh. She said she got me some chocolates for Christmas which I think she will give to me when we go out tomorrow. Do I get her something?

We are going ice skating again tomorrow and I definitely want to make a move, but I don't know if the signs she is giving me is right. I don't even know how or when to make the move. When I drop her off at her house after a date she just says bye and leaves, so I don't even have any time!


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  • You've had a few dates, I think its safe to say she likes you and wouldn't mind if you made a move. When you drop her off, try walking her to her door and see if you get an opportunity. Try not to over think too much. If she got you something, I would definitely get her something.

    • I agree with dsc. I think the fact that she's responding - the fact that she said yes to your dates - is a good sign. Just go with the flow and see how she responds if you buy her a nice gift for Christmas.

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  • Calm down and relax, you're worrying for no reason.she likes you, you like her..I see only positives here.make a move. She is probably wondering why you haven't yet

  • Just make a move. What's the worst that could happen? Based one hat you said I think she's into you like really and would probably like you making a move.

    • When we went skating she wasn't that good so I told her to take my hand so she won't have to lean on the railing, and she said that it's okay. Then when I dropped her off she left and didn't even give me a chance to make my move again. WTF?

    • Hmmmm. Maybe trying asking her how she feels. Maybe she is oblivious or she could be friend zoning you...

  • I'd say make a move,some women like myself want the guy to make the first move. She seems into you so give it a go,it's now or never!

    • I hope you are right. I will ask her tomorrow. If I don't repost anything it probably did not go well.

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  • too long to read but you have to make a move now or it's over. You should of made a move on the second date and stop complimenting her so much. Don't come off as needy.