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How should I make a move on a girl I am dating, if at all? Read below for context.

I met her online many months ago. Two months ago, we met for coffee in person. I was really shy around her because she is so beautiful and has an... Show More

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  • You've had a few dates, I think its safe to say she likes you and wouldn't mind if you made a move. When you drop her off, try walking her to her door and see if you get an opportunity. Try not to over think too much. If she got you something, I would definitely get her something.

    • I agree with dsc. I think the fact that she's responding - the fact that she said yes to your dates - is a good sign. Just go with the flow and see how she responds if you buy her a nice gift for Christmas.

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  • Calm down and relax, you're worrying for no reason.she likes you, you like her..I see only positives here.make a move. She is probably wondering why you haven't yet

  • Just make a move. What's the worst that could happen? Based one hat you said I think she's into you like really and would probably like you making a move.

    • When we went skating she wasn't that good so I told her to take my hand so she won't have to lean on the railing, and she said that it's okay. Then when I dropped her off she left and didn't even give me a chance to make my move again. WTF?

    • Hmmmm. Maybe trying asking her how she feels. Maybe she is oblivious or she could be friend zoning you...

  • I'd say make a move,some women like myself want the guy to make the first move. She seems into you so give it a go,it's now or never!

    • I hope you are right. I will ask her tomorrow. If I don't repost anything it probably did not go well.

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  • too long to read but you have to make a move now or it's over. You should of made a move on the second date and stop complimenting her so much. Don't come off as needy.

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