What is your take on this situation.....

I talked to a guy for several months, however we met two years ago. We finally became official (even Facebook official by him). He ended up having to move and came to visit me for four days. We were doing fine while he visited, however, the night before he left he was texting another girl. In the message it says

her: you know how I feel about you kissing other girls

him: but I'm coming down to see only you

at this point I got really upset and confronted him about it but he yelled at me and treated the situation like I was being overly jealous! He refused to let me see the message itself. He even called me a jealous person and broke up with me and took me off as his girlfriend. We used to talk every day but we have barely talked since. I was supposed to visit him in a couple months and have even bought a ticket to do so. He offered to hang out, but what should I do in this situation? We haven't talked for days including Christmas.

I ended up going to Boston! I had an awesome time and I didn't see him nor hear from him. Oh well. Thank you everyone for the insight! You are all absolutely right!


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  • What is in a Facebook status these days?

    It sounds to me like he's in some sort of intimate open relationship with this girl.

    You said he broke up with you for being overly jealous? You had every right to be jealous and he gave you absolutely no reason to believe you were overreacting. But, the fact that he removed that Facebook status, and broke up with you means that he isn't obligated to keep in touch with you.

    I think you should return the ticket and forget about hanging out with him. Don't talk to him unless he talks to you...if he was worthy of your time he would've at least said Merry Christmas..

    • I wanted to return the ticket but it was nonrefundable :/ I haven't written, I almost didn't know what to do when he did write to me the couple of times he did after the situation. Perhaps that's why he stopped. :/

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    • You are absolutely right! Thank you! Great insight!

    • You're welcome :)! I wish you all the best :D!


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  • Use the ticket to go to where he is at, but don't visit him, just visit the place and enjoy your time there and see if you can hook up with someone else

    forget about this guy, he seems like a loser


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  • Ohno, leave that cat alone. Not talking is one thing, but dang not even Christmas? Smh.

    -love Sosa

  • If you still want to meet him, don't bring it up.

  • Not fair. Never be a second to none! Not sure if I use the correct term but hopefully you understand what I mean.

    • I totally understand! You are absolutely right, thank you! I never treated him like a second :)

  • This girl could of been in the same situation as you,where she thought she was the only girl in his life and he could even be doing it to be plenty of other girls. Honestly don't waste your time on him,you reacted in the right way. I would not contact him and just leave him be,get on with your life. Look towards the future and find a guy who is worth being with and cares how you feel.

    • I agree. I think it's only fair that if you are in a relationship with them, you should become exclusive to only that person.