Girls, what is your dream/ideal romantic date you want?

Describe it.

Assume that money is not a factor

Your answer can be as simple or as detailed as you want.


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  • 1. On the rooftop of some really high building with a great view lights( eg Christmas lights) hanging, candles, rose petals...and I wish there could be like this round pillowed bed sitting/ laying down area... dinner, wine, maybe even snacks(popcorn) after eating food or not laying on that bed ^^ . We are on the bed laying down watching the stars talking laughing. He can play music and ask me to dance. Kiss me hold me in close, whisper lovely things to me, and we could keep talking.


    2. Take me out to the movies, or to dinner in a really nice restaurant or a small road trip , then after take me to a beach house where we just get to know each other, take a swim in the ocean, drink hot chocolate and just talk you know. Makeout . Go with the flow and have fun. Dance together.


    3. Take me away to some beautiful country : Italy/Australia/Dubai/ Spain/ Paris france, just explore that country and it's culture food festivals etc... <<< I want a guy to do this for me some day. I know it's not like one date thing but O:)


    4. His apartment or a really nice hotel room , roses, candlelight, movies, cook something together, dance together, do fun things, talk a lot and get to know each other, cuddle and talk as well, kiss me. Just have deep conversations and get to know each other.

    So you see pattern in all this.

    Let your guard down, have fun, be romantic and loving and sincere. Just be yourself as well. Just make her feel special.

    I want where most of the time we get to be alone or be able to focus on each other

    • Option 3 sounds expensive, hehe

      I'll take note of all suggestions, thanks!

    • well you don't have to do # 3 lol..yea it is...but it's just one thing I want a special guy to do me lol..the others I like a lot

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  • I'd love to go to a quirky/different kind of restaurant first. There's one here (it's Thai) that is in the heart of the city, on the fourth floor of a townhouse-like complex. There's a ton of elaborately draped silks everywhere and huge indoor trees that you go through to get to the sitting area; which is a bunch of cushions and beautiful pillows besides low wooden tables that look out a window over a fantastic street view. So some different type of restaurant than usual, like that one, would be rather nice. Of course filled with easy and colorful conversation throughout the meal (cliche I know ha).

    Afterwards, I'd love to go to an aquarium and just stand there in silence watching all the different types of water-dwelling animals.


    Going skiing/snowboarding all day. Towards the end, getting some sort of take-out (like pizza or burgers and fries, etc.), hot chocolate in thermoses, and going up a lift and skiing down to a great spot and just sitting there in the snow talking, and of course, eating. That'd be pretty grand in my book. Once we're dating we can do that again, only make-out a bit in the snow. I've always wanted to do that.

    As a side-note: I have given this question way too much thought lol.

    • Sounds fun, but I like option 2 better. anyway thanks

  • Camping would be amazing! Having a fire, sleeping in a cozy tent, looking at the stars, waking up to the sunrise.

  • Honestly, just spending a quiet night in getting to know each other over a nice dinner I made him, then cuddling and watching TV or a movie.

    • Why can't guys answer? That isn't right. But this is a great date right here.

  • I would love to go to the zoo! I think the best date I ever went on was when a guy took me flying. He had his pilot's license so he took me in a small plane over his hometown. It was amazing!

  • driving far away from this town and finding a quiet open space where we can lay down a blanket and lay under shooting stars.. on a warm summer night.

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