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For guys: what is your level of interest if you text a girl every day?

Guys, what is your level of interest if you text a girl every day? Do you do that only if you have a crush on her or you would initiate daily... Show More

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  • Try living with the same person for 40 + years come in from work and find that YOU are moving out on your own it's been 3 years and I find that a good morning or good night by text is better than nothing. So does it spark my interest to find I'm still appealing to the female sex hell yes it's right up there with being able to wake up and walk every day.

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  • He's probably experiencing infatuation right now. It's not love but he definitely likes you.

  • No a guy only does that with a girl he sees as maybe being able to have a relationship with.

  • he likes you a lot, think about it, what would you do? do you text your guy friends good night and morning everyday? he's trying to let you know he's thinking about you and differentiate himself from other guys by being "sweet"

  • He's thinking about you, a lot.If a guy texts' you Goodnight or good morning, it is most likely that he wants you to know that he's thinking about you.Put yourself in his shoes, would you text a "girl" good morning or goodnight?If you ever would, then why, for what reason? ;)Hope this answered your question :)

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  • I had a guy do this for 2 months straight, then we got in our first argument and he became distant and broke up with me. We still talk though. Just not everyday. Its weird to go from good morning and good night every day to a text maybe once a day? And usually its me engaging in the intiation. :-/ yes, I'm still not over him. sucks too.

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