Why do guys text you and give you compliments, but then suddenly start ignoring your texts?

I sent this guy a text saying Merry Christmas, and he sent a text back saying "Merry Christmas good looking" and when I left him a card and chocolates for Christmas, he sent me a text saying "Thank you so much, that card was super cute, your so sweet" He is going on holidays on Saturday, so today when I saw him, he asked me if I wanted to hang out with him tomorrow before he leaves. When I texted him after that, I sent him "well hello handsome" and he sent me a text back saying "sup cutie", but then after that, when I sent him other text messages, he ignored them. I knew he saw them because he was on Facebook and so he had to go onto his phone first. Why does he do this? Is he leading me on? Someone help please?


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  • I think he is probably interested in you, but I also think he might be playing the field as well. He might be playing the same card with a few other girls and then taking his pick based on who responds. At least that is what it sounds like to me...

  • Plain push-pull or simply because he didn't check his phone