Guy points out when I don't call or text - clingy or interested?

Maybe this is a dumb, trivial question, but I've never experienced this from a dude the guy I'm casually dating says "hi" via text, and I texted back, but apparently it didn't go through. He texted me the next day about why I hadn't responded, and I explained to him that I had. He wasn't convinced, so I told him to calm down. (It was just "hi," omg...)

Then, this past week, I told him I MIGHT call. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, Because it set up expectations. When I didn't call, but texted him "hi" later, he asked me why I hadn't called. Is he clingy, just really interested, or what? Do guys usually do this? I mean, I'm trying to keep it casual; am I being too uncommunicative?


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  • You can keep it casual,but you don't want to stray away from texting him so much as he may just begin to believe that your not interested in him. On the other hand he may like a challenge,but this guy clearing likes you as he's trying to communicate.


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  • WTF how is he clingy? Cause he was expecting a call from you when you told him you might call? Any guy wanting more than just friendship waits for those things... I hate girls like you...and WTF is casual dating?


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  • Keep it "casual" but show that you are interested.if you are.otherwise your going to push this guy away.