Has anyone had this feeling before?

so it starts out with me liking this girl, then she likes me, then she stops liking me, after all that one day she spends so much time with another guy that you cannot think they would actually date until everything you doubted became a reality. that's the story of my life. so in short, its feels incredibly weird to see a girl you have been attracted to for such a long time start a relationship with a friend of yours. hard to figure out what kinda emotions I should be having right now, its difficult to take but seriously, if she's happy, I'm happy. I keep telling myself but it would have been so much better if I dated her except she might not be as happy as she is now and I wouldn't like that for her. this is really difficult to take as she is now dating, as of today so should I continue to be her friend or give it some time before talking to either her or her boyfriend? ( he's okay but we have too many disagreements and small arguments) how should I handle this as I still want to keep her as a friend. please send your suggestions as replies.


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  • ouch that hurts. I would be miserable too. its happened to me sorta I liked this guy freshman year in college, and he flirted with my friend in class after leading me on, I really fell for him and wanted to be with him, we had similar things in common, I can't believe he started texting her and forgot about me. cut like a knife through my heart. but the mature thing to do is just be honest with yourself and honest to them if they ask, and just cut them out of your life. if he asks just tell him he stole your girl. and let her know you really liked her too and wished ud be together but things worked out differently so you're moving on. just say you wish her all the happiness and just say goodbye to her. I know it sounds tough but you will be free from the pain of watching them and being the side person. another thing you can do is start dating other girls see who else you like don't get too serious because you don't wanna use anyone for rebound but just explore who else is out there dating should be an experience. may be that girl will get jealous too and would want you back. but honestly do you even wanna be with her after she chose your friend over u? just forget her and move on find a smarter nicer girl, one who is sweet and kind and makes you her world, that other grls are jealous of!


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  • Don't lie to yourself, bro. You know how you feel. And if this really hurts, cut them out till you can talk to either of them without being emotionally compromised. and your friend's a d***.

    i was on the reverse side, I was the dude in this position; and without you even saying anything, if he's a friend at all, he will end it.

    thats what I say