Would you date a guy who lives in a smelly house?

I am 21. Just finished college. Just got a 17 buck an hour job in Canada. I have some student debt so I can't move out of my dads home. My dad is a hoarder and has 7 cats. The cats stink up the house. Between work and working out I am out 60hours a week. I don't have the best body and I'm not the best looking but I try. I use expensive cologne and I shower then leave right away. No one has told me I smell but I smell the house. If a guy lived in undesierable conditions would you judge and date him? Nothing I can do right now. I can't piss my dad off because ill lose his money when he dies.


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  • i understand your situation and I give you a lot of credit for what you do. most girls will not want to be in a house like that since you can't even stand it yourself. lol

    just continue doing what you are doing, at the same time, save save save. and move out once you have enough...if you are really really desperate, you can get a room with roommates...a few hundred bucks a month for a room, better than now.

    girls would appreciate the effort you put in to making it yourself.

    good luck

    • I work out and all. If I move out that will piss my dad off and right now when he dies I will probably be able to live comfortably

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    • i understand, he will get over it. you are 21. don't' let him hold you down

      you have a future that you have to work for yourself...coming here is a good beginning...then ask yourself, what do you want to do next to move ahead?

      my parents guilty trip me and got upset with me too when I was younger. but, they got over it and work wise I am doing well and they are happy for me

    • Im doing fine work wise too. I don't have any friends or a girlfriend but I do not want to be judged and or out of luck if I was to get a friend or gf


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  • In all honesty it would depend. I would probably wait to see what you were like on your own. I can't stand smelly stinky dirty people. You say it's because of your dad, but how would I know that unless I saw it myself. Not that I've never forgotten to do the dishes for a couple days or take out the trash, but for the most part my house is fairly clean just slightly cluttered by most standards.

  • Personally I wouldn't care as long as we're not in the house for too long. Don't you think it's kind of stupid that someone wouldn't want to date someone because their house smells bad? I doubt you'd want to date someone like that lol. As long as you smell good I guess its alright!

  • I think BO is far more important

  • i don't mind dirty or clutter but I'm very sensitive to smell. get an odor eliminator spray

  • Nope I wouldn't date you.

    I'm allergic to cats.

    I'm allergic to cologne.

    I'm allergic to guys that don't take care of their bodies.

    Last but not least I'm also allergic to guys that live at home

    Last last last of all is I'm allergic to working adults who still live at home because they don't have the balls to be independent.


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