Should I stay with him?

This is going to sound a little weird but here goes...

So I have been with this older guy without having my parents know. (I'm 18) we are not openly dating but he mostly catches me around more than having us meeting up.

I always preferred older guys (not too old! but like a 10-12 year gap) because boys around my age are so immature and act stupid. and I can barely engage in an intelligent conversation with them. I don't like boys, I never did. I only like men. (even since I was 13) it's just when I turned 18 I met him. (also the first guy I have been with. I never dated in high school, I always rejected the immature boys who asked)

the guy isn't generally considered 'handsome'. but I find him very attractive. he's not fat in any way (in fact a tiny bit bulked up) so he just doesn't have your typical handsome features. I just love his personality and experience. I have a thing for mature guys

we have been together for almost a year now. we haven't had sex. I might be keeping that for later on but there were these times where he'd feel me up under my skirt/ top(even though I'm a tiny A since I'm skinny :( but he said it was cute :p ), kissed...nothing too much.

But there was this one time (I felt really stupid doing it I know) when I invited him over to my house one night while my parents were out of town for a couple of days. he made me come that night but he never got naked. just played around with me. that night I felt really guilty and regret letting him go that far but I just find him so seducing and attractive.

Even though I am of age. I'm afraid to tell my parents about him. they might freak of the age gap but I'm 18! (even though I look much younger. some people said you look 14 :p)

So is it OK to be with him since I'm of age. and should I tell my parents? if they freak out should I leave him? >_<


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  • don't tell you aren't even in a relationship, how old is he?

    if you aren't dating and you meet up casually it seems like he is just toying with you. I would try to make it real or move on. if you make it real tell your parents. if not, don't bother. I see why they would freak. I'm 21 when I was 20 I met a guy in his 30s and started dating him, in a way I liked it but people freaked out about the age and in hindsight I see why, he treated me like a puppet...older guys can be good but they are often manipulating you and not respecting you so I would be careful.


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  • Stay with him, nothing uncommon here.


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  • I think you should stay with him a while more & a while from now tell them. If they love you, they'll support you... you're technically an adult. But I'd wait until you're a little older. Good luck .. xx

  • lol I am the same way! I am attracted to older guys as well! this is nice to hear that I'm not the only one:) anyways go with your heart. if you love him, then stay with him. even though your afraid to tell your parents, you will have to eventually tell them so they can trust you. I am sorta going through the same thing. the difference is that the guy I like is only 2 years older (im 16 and he's 18) and I can tell he's into me by the way he talks to me and took me out before but he claims I'm to young for him to date. My mother knows about him as well so I'm able to hang with him sorta lol but anyways just tell your parents. You never know how they will feel unless you tell them. Good luck with you!:)