We met online and we met in the reality, but Does because ...

-Does because I went back online this dating site after our meeting that he is right to too?


-Does because I made him h0rny that we should strongly do it?

and he said that he wants to have fun but later would like a relationship, that he is the type who gets quickly tired of having fun, that one girl is just fine for fun, that we should do HIV test if we start to meet in the long term, that I should only date him

-BUT-He also said that if I start to get feelings by doing it he would avoid...and that thing about enjoying more by doing it..

And I don't want to do it by meeting the 3rd time, so what should I tell him?


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  • Do not continue to date him. This is bad news. He just wants sex. If that's all you want then cool, but if you want a relationship this is not the guy.


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