Dating a younger guy, he is timid and I make more money than him break up or not?

I am going to be a Doctor in the next 6years.I start school next August. I have been seeing this guy I am crazy about since 2010 but I have concealed my feelings because at the time he had a girlfriend and I respected that.

I am currently employed as a Pharmacist and I am making tons of money more than him and is older than him by one year. He works at the airport directing planes.

I know my parents will have a hard time accepting him. He is also shy and timid. But I have a feeling he is the one he is different in many ways. should I continue or just forget it. I do not want to hurt him


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  • oooo dilemna dilemna...One I am sure I will never have. Kudoos to you for having a good job and working hard on your career. If there is nothing wrong in the relationship why break up. You parents will have a hard time because why? He doesn't make as much as you? They think he should aspire to more? Happiness is the bottom line as I am sure you have learned the moral to many hollywood movies is.

    You are still so young with many years of life ahead of you not to mention 6 years of school. I think being with someone that you enjoy to be with and find special is a great thing to have. Maybe you might be a good thing for him...or he for you. We are all here to touch each others lives in some way. I would play you hand...don't fold now...otherwise you will always be thinking about coulda' shoulda' woulda'...and there is no solution to that.

    If you think you will cave to your parents wishes and that is your concern then...maybe spare him some heartache...but you may always wonder...

    • I broke up with him because I was way mature than he was

    • Sorry it didn't work least you gave it a shot and know the answer rather than wondering could have shoulda woulda...and now you can use this experience for your future decisions!


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  • Number one, get off your high horse. You're not a doctor yet, and if you date based on status or wage earning potential, you'll never grow as a person or find a suitable mate. Security yes, but not the passion that ignores all trivial matters that money brings.

    • Thank you for the advice. I am not so worried in terms of my status , it is my parents. I will tell them what you have said. I love the part about growth

  • Making more money than a guy...get use to that.

  • Wait until him and his current girlfriend have gone their separate ways, then try and go after him. Even if he plays just a little hard to get, don't give up on trying to win him over.


  • Wait, unless I read read this wrong you said that you feel like he is the "one" and yet, you're going to let him go because he's shy & timid and doesn't make as much as you?

    I mean really, how often do you find someone you consider the "one"?

    I honestly think you should continue with him and see how things go from there. Otherwise, if you let someone who you consider the "one" go - you're always going to think "what if" later and I think you might end up regretting it especially over something like he doesn't make as much money as you.

    Your parents are going to have to respect your decision. They'll come around.


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