What is your definition of "dating exclusively" means to you?

Now I've read that in today's time being exclusive either means your not committed but are only sleeping with each other and no one else or that you are basically boyfriend and girlfriend or at least on your way to that...what is your definition of being exclusive and which of the two would you describe our relationship to be?

Been talking to and dating this awesome guy and come new years it will be 3 months since we met. A few weeks ago I had asked him were we now seeing each other exclusively and how did he feel about it. Him and I have very busy schedules both professionally and personally...his more on the professional side than mines. However I have a lot of projects in personal time aside my hectic professional schedule that I'm actively involved in. Anyways he made mention that because of his busy schedule 1) He doesn't have time to be dating more than one person at a time let alone dating period. 2) Since meeting me he hasn't seen or made time from anyone other than me.

We maintain constant communication and without me even asking he keeps me up date on his schedule/agendas and I of course share the same. I especially love the pet names he calls me or when on travel...no matter the time how he always manages to let me know when he has landed. Or even the fact that he lets me know that he misses me too when I'm not around. Can't go for more than 3 days w/o hearing from me before he reaches out and be like hey!


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  • It means that's it. IMO it means that there is no one else involved. Only you and him. I would think you would be in a relationship but some people don't feel that way and don't like to put that label on it. Might as well =/ if you're not seeing anyone else and not f***ing anyone else. Same sh*t. lol.

    What you're talking about it sounds like he's trying to keep you in the loop because he cares and he's known you for a bit but might want to date you. But - having no time to date and making a commitment to a person because you want to is totally different. When someone is busy they usually don't want the talk of "where is this going?" But if you must know then you must ask. Ask him when his time frees up if he wants to be in a relationship with you.

    Hope it helps ^_^


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  • Exclusive is a relationship where your both committed to each other, you don't look at someone with the same eyes as you do them and everyone in your circle is aware you two have gone steady, ie exclusive,x

  • Exclusively means to me that the relationship is one to one. your his only and he is your only

    • But is that with or without committment?

    • I would say that it is with a very small commitment. if you want more ask what he is thinking

    • would be a VERY SMALL commitment so their is a commitment, weather out of necissity or convience

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  • Personally, I view dating exclusively as seeing or being involved with only one person. It's a step closer to being in a committed relationship.