Interracial Dating (Black Girls)?

Ok I never dated out of my race but I would really like to ..I have a guy friend who is Hispanic I really like him but I don't think he see me as being his girlfriend he seems to be more into his race..And he always saying something about my hair...Like for instance he will say "Why do you always have braids in your hair"? It makes you look ghetto...I think I look OK with braids and not ghetto I mean I don't wear like purple, yellow ,green or any other crazy color just black are sometimes brown...And this other guy who is white asked me why I always wear wacky styles...I laughed along with it...But deep inside I felt my hair wasn't wacky..It was just individual braids...So question is... And any race can answer this question...What hair style looks attractive on a black girls like what kind of style besides braids...And what's the big deal with braids? leave a opinion Thanks :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • i looked at your pics, I like your hair! I think you look like an attractive, classy girl. as far as "wacky styles"...nothing in your pics look wacky to me. I see you're from LA...i went out there a couple times last summer, and I thought the average young white guys looked wacky, like they only shop at Pac-Sun, haha. nice Vans, bro...that sh*t went out in like '83, haha. apparently no one told the west coast that.

    as far as interracial dating, it's 2013. my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, but I don't even think about it. usually I hear "interracial relationship", and I forget and then remember, "oh yeah...I'M in one." white guys are kind of a wild card...they generally either do or don't. I've been off white girls since 2004, and I don't regret it at all. hearing them complain about "first-world problems" gets real old, real fast. I'd never rule anyone out, but it's just a common personality trait I've noticed in a lot of white girls. I probably have dated more Latina girls than anything in my adult life..."the other white meat", haha. I have a couple black girls under my belt, but when I was growing up, I couldn't get the time of day from them. I lived in a mostly black neighborhood, and I was the one white kid. eminem wasn't around yet, so I got a lot of Vanilla Ice jokes, hahaha. I got a brief period of love in the early 90s when "Right Kind of Love" was all over the radio and MTV link , and I'd walk by a group of black girls at school or something and hear "ooh, girrrrrrrl...he look like Jeremy Jordan!"'s true, we do kind of look alike. but that lasted like a month.

    i was always kind of conditioned to think black girls only wanted black guys. lately it seems different though. when I was in LA I went to this place in Inglewood called Bertha's Soul Food (OUTSTANDING by the way). when I walked in the door, the only thing missing was the sound of the needle scratching off a record, hahaha. all the guys there were grilling me like "what the f*ck is HE doing here?" but then I walked up and ordered the fried chicken with greens, yams, and mac n' cheese, and I heard one of them say, "ok...he know what he doing." hahaha...pretty hilarious. anyway, I was just talking with the girl at the counter a bit, talking sh*t about Kobe and the Lakers, because I'm from Boston. but when I left, another girl ran out like 30 seconds after and was trying to get my number for the girl I was talking to. I had to decline because I have a girl, but in my mind I'm like "damn...the game done changed. thanks, Justin Timberlake!" hahaha. and this summer I walked past some black girls that were DEFINITELY hood, and I hear one go "DAMN! that's a FINE-ASS whiteboy right there." if a pale blond haired white kid is getting love from everyone, then anything is possible for you, haha. maybe it's different in LA, but in Boston I see all kinds of pairings. just keep doing you and you might find people are more open-minded than you think.