Interracial Dating (Black Girls)?

Ok I never dated out of my race but I would really like to ..I have a guy friend who is Hispanic I really like him but I don't think he see me as... Show More

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  • i looked at your pics, I like your hair! I think you look like an attractive, classy girl. as far as "wacky styles"...nothing in your pics look wacky to me. I see you're from LA...i went out there a couple times last summer, and I thought the average young white guys looked wacky, like they only shop at Pac-Sun, haha. nice Vans, bro...that sh*t went out in like '83, haha. apparently no one told the west coast that.

    as far as interracial dating, it's 2013. my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, but I don't even think about it. usually I hear "interracial relationship", and I forget and then remember, "oh yeah...I'M in one." white guys are kind of a wild card...they generally either do or don't. I've been off white girls since 2004, and I don't regret it at all. hearing them complain about "first-world problems" gets real old, real fast. I'd never rule anyone out, but it's just a common personality trait I've noticed in a lot of white girls. I probably have dated more Latina girls than anything in my adult life..."the other white meat", haha. I have a couple black girls under my belt, but when I was growing up, I couldn't get the time of day from them. I lived in a mostly black neighborhood, and I was the one white kid. eminem wasn't around yet, so I got a lot of Vanilla Ice jokes, hahaha. I got a brief period of love in the early 90s when "Right Kind of Love" was all over the radio and MTV link , and I'd walk by a group of black girls at school or something and hear "ooh, girrrrrrrl...he look like Jeremy Jordan!"'s true, we do kind of look alike. but that lasted like a month.

    i was always kind of conditioned to think black girls only wanted black guys. lately it seems different though. when I was in LA I went to this place in Inglewood called Bertha's Soul Food (OUTSTANDING by the way). when I walked in the door, the only thing missing was the sound of the needle scratching off a record, hahaha. all the guys there were grilling me like "what the f*ck is HE doing here?" but then I walked up and ordered the fried chicken with greens, yams, and mac n' cheese, and I heard one of them say, "ok...he know what he doing." hahaha...pretty hilarious. anyway, I was just talking with the girl at the counter a bit, talking sh*t about Kobe and the Lakers, because I'm from Boston. but when I left, another girl ran out like 30 seconds after and was trying to get my number for the girl I was talking to. I had to decline because I have a girl, but in my mind I'm like "damn...the game done changed. thanks, Justin Timberlake!" hahaha. and this summer I walked past some black girls that were DEFINITELY hood, and I hear one go "DAMN! that's a FINE-ASS whiteboy right there." if a pale blond haired white kid is getting love from everyone, then anything is possible for you, haha. maybe it's different in LA, but in Boston I see all kinds of pairings. just keep doing you and you might find people are more open-minded than you think.

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