Should I text him or not?

The problem is I had a male friend for 6 years that I did everything with, we saw each other regularly, we talked on the phone everyday that we couldn't be together, he was my best friend. But then something happened it was quite a big deal and he lied about it to me, when he promised me the one thing he would never do was lie to me, being honest to people is a big deal to me, anyway then we stopped being friends for 3 years, although on a few occasions we did bump into each other in town we did speak to each other but it wasn't more than 5 minutes.

Then a couple of months ago a mutual friend of ours came round to my house and he came to pick them up, when he came in, we got talking and he said if I let the past go we can still be friends, so I agreed anyway the next week the same mutual friend was back at my house and needed to contact him, but their battery on the their phone was low, so they asked me if they could use my phone I said yes and they phoned him but it went straight to voice mail, afterward I realized I still had his phone number on my phone after my other friends phonecall to him, I wasn't sure if it would be OK for me to keep it or not, so I texted him and asked, he replied that it was fine for me to keep it. A few nights later he rang me to arrange picking someone up from my house even though he could of let someone else arrange it. I would really like to try and get our friendship back where it used to be, because I still miss him very much, I wanted to send him a text, just something along the lines of hi, how are you doing. the only problem with that in the past the only reply I would get to text messages were one or two word replies, and I would like to send him a message that'll open up communication, the other problem is there has been no contact between us since the phonecall, and I'm not sure if his offer of friendship was genuine or if he did it just to be polite and I don't want him thinking I'm trying to force him into being friends again if he doesn't really want to be. Any help and advice would be really appreciated because I don't know what to do for the best and I don't want to chase him away.


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  • You should text him, but face-to-face communication is better because you can convey your feelings better and you can see how he reciprocates it.

    If your face-to-face communication is uplifted to a better state, you will notice that your communication through text will be much longer, open, and fun.

    • Thanks for the advice, I would like to see him face to face, but his day to day commitments and mine make it very difficult to do that, but the few times we have been in each others company it was almost like it used to be

    • And also when we used to be friends before, we never sent long texts because he hates texting


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  • I would try and have a conversation in person about becoming friends again. You could text about meeting up for coffee or something and see what his response is. If he agrees to something like that you could have the conversation about becoming friends again in person. If he doesn't want to meet up, that's pretty much your answer right there.


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  • Out of all that was written above,you didn't mention what he lied on you or to you about.I can't sit here and say whether or not I think you two should reconcile without that information.That's what's more important than any other aspect of this story.

    • I didn't put that information in because it was a very long compilcated story involving some other people as well, but it doesn't have anything to do with me and him possibly becoming friends again now, it was something that happened which made me walk away at the time but looking back on it I was to hasty with my decision