Is he for real or just being nice?

I'm in love with a man miles away from me.We have been talking for quite sometime now and he says many times that he likes me a lot. But the thing is he rarely text,call or send me a message. I always make the first move. Is he for real or just being nice?


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  • it's tough to say, but if he likes you a lot (or is mature enough to act like a grownup) he should be unable to resist texting, calling, or whatever. If a guy likes a girl (and isn't playing the immature game of hard to get) it will be all he can do to not reach out to you. He's probably nice enough but it sounds like he's either

    a) playing hard to get, which probably isn't worth your time

    b) he's not that into you and only responds and reacts to be polite. he would be saying he likes you because he can't muster up the courage to be honest with you


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  • A guy that is into you would want to call and keep in touch, if there's any time his efforts fall below your expectations, then there's a massive chance his interest has wondered and you no longer have his full attention,x

  • He's probably just saying the same things to you that he says to other cyber acquaintances. He's too busy texting and messaging to ever make te first move; he just answers yours.


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