What do you consider as long distance when dating?

1 hour away?

4 hours away?

8+ hours away?

DIfferent states?


I know people have different views on this but I would like to get some majority. What is too far?


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  • Anything more than an hour away. I did a relationship that was one hour each way. Even that was difficult when you factor in all the lost time and sleep when it comes to seeing a girl regularly. Ideally, the guy and girl are close by. That's why I hear of most long-distance deals failing. Both men and women want frequent and convenient access to each other. I honestly don't know of a single long-distance deal from personal friendships that has lasted in the end.

    The temptation to cheat, not trust the other partner, the lost sleep/time/driving in traffic and so forth put unrealistic stresses on the situation. Not to mention, there's probably someone who is just as good for you in your own neighborhood. Relationships can be tricky as it is, no need to add more complexity IMHO.


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  • I would say, more than 2 hours. Basically if I wouldn't be willing to make that drive on a weeknight to hang, then come back the same day to go to work in the morning, its long distance.

    Even over an hour might be long distance in the sense that it would change the dynamic of our relationship and how we spend time together, but I wouldn't exactly call it "long distance" in the traditional sense that we normally think of when using that term.

    Personally, I don't go out of my way for a girl if she doesn't live within an hour, that said, if we knew each other previously and were in love, I would be willing to maintain a relationship. as long as you only lived an hour or two away.


What Girls Said 2

  • I dated a guy for a while who lived in my home town while I was living two hours north. I didn't consider that long distance because I was able to come home on the weekends. I think it's considered long distance when you are unable to see each other in person on a regular basis, so it would be different for different people.

  • i have a friend who was having a long distance from a different country,... I think its a bit much but hey if you really love the person...