How to interest guys my age?

Have any other girls experienced this? I never seem to be able to interest guys my own age but rather guys around the mid-late 20s mark.I say this because I have only ever been approached/asked on dates or given the ‘eyes’ by guys who either are or look to be this age group. I am 17, but guys my age take absolute 0 interest in me and I can’t figure out why or how to get them too? I do talk to them, but there is almost always no interest or ‘click’ and conversation soon becomes as dead as a dodo with absolutely no way to revive it. Anyone else have the same situation? Or any suggestions how I can, I don’t know, turn this around? I’d like to start dating in my own age group but it doesn't seem possible for me.


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  • One thing you need to realize is that starting in your early teens, girls mature (emotionally) much faster than guys, and by the time you're in high school, you're 2-3 years ahead of guys your age in emotional maturity, on average. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but overall, at 17, guys your age have the emotional maturity you did at 14-15. That makes it hard to relate to them in any kind of relationship.

    And that's why girls tend to date guys who are a little older than they are. That's true from Jr High all the way through college and beyond, because guys don't tend to "catch up" in emotional maturity until their late 20s or early 30s, on average.

    As someone else mentioned, this also means that guys your age are more likely to be shy or lack the confidence to approach you, even if they are attracted to you, while older guys will have more confidence, and so they'll be more likely to approach. All that is normal, and it isn't something you're likely to change. You can try to find one of the few guys who is more emotionally mature, but you may find that those guys usually aren't among the "attractive/popular" guys, but usually among the shy or geeky guys (but ones who still have some social skills).

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      Yes I was kind of aware of the maturity thing not so much the confidence part though.Thank you! this advice was really useful!