Has he lost interest in me?

I went out on NYE and met a guy I've know through mutual friends, but we've only ever been acquaintances and met each other when out socially drinking/getting high. Anyway, we ended up kissing at the cub and when it was over we went off together. I told him I liked him and he said he liked me too and I ended up giving him head. This isn't something I usually do in these circumstances but I was really drunk. After I did it he kept saying how amazing it was and he walked me home and I opened up to him a little bit too much about my bad behavior , my dark side shall we say. But this didn't seem to bother him too much and we exchanged numbers. Later during the night he text me and we exchanged dirty messages (I initiated that bit) and I seemed to be turning him on quite a bit. The next day he text me and I decided to leave it a few hours before I replied, but he text me again and I then replied. The conversation was mostly flirty and after that it was OK but I didn't really know what to... Show More

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  • Quite a story you got there. So why don't you text him this time?

    As a guy I will initiate messaging the first couple of times, but then I'm interested if she will also initiate at some point. If she does it's a sign that she was at least thinking of me and perhaps even likes me. And who know, maybe he will text you again soon.