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Has he lost interest in me?

I went out on NYE and met a guy I've know through mutual friends, but we've only ever been acquaintances and met each other when out socially... Show More

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  • Quite a story you got there. So why don't you text him this time?As a guy I will initiate messaging the first couple of times, but then I'm interested if she will also initiate at some point. If she does it's a sign that she was at least thinking of me and perhaps even likes me. And who know, maybe he will text you again soon.

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  • My recommendation would be simply to text him. If you really like him, just go for it and text him. Make it clear to him that you really like him.

  • Shouldn't take NYE night too seriously...it's usually just for fun, unless of course you already have a boy/girl-friend

    • Did you bother to read past the first sentence?

    • Yeah...I still stand by what I said, you shouldn't take NYE too seriously, it's JUST fun UNLESS you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend

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  • It seems to me that you two made your entire relationship on sex and had no substance with which to bond further. I'd suggest actually going on a date with him to get to know him more.I don't really think there's "interested" or "uninterested" at this point. It's only been four days. Go on a date and let him figure out if he's interested or not while you do.

  • I think he was very interested in you, or he wouldn't have kept on texting you. Maybe he didn't think you were that interested in him since there were a couple of times you didn't reply to his text messages.

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