Is it over when he goes distant Or just need space?

As all the advice online says its normal and “its not because he doesn’t care” as that’s what I am feeling now. But all my male freinds say its over, if he really liked you he wudnt pull away, he’s giving you the sign to leave him alone? So don’t know what to belive anymore? Axnciety is killing me!... Show More

How do you tell the difference tho of if he needs space or is not interested? As both requir him to be silent lol.

And why would he say hopefully catch up soon?

Can't I ask him now, straight out?

This waiting is doing my head in!

Most Helpful Guy

  • First. Any man that is interested does not have a time limit on spending a night together

    It seems like you both had a good time however his responses and lack of interest

    Of getting together does speak loud. I do think your friends are correct. The no contact

    For such a period of time with out an examination screams no interest.

    So I would break off contact until he talks with you again. And then you have a right

    To ask wtf.

    On the bright side , you have nice ear muffs.

    Good luck.