Would it be wrong to date the guy I've liked on&off after he's already hooked up with my BFF?

After casually hooking up with my best friend on and off for about a year, after I flirted with him for the last year of knowing him, he's finally decided that he sees dating me one day an option NOW! I've known my best friend for 3 years now, I've known him about a year. I wouldn't risk losing my best friend over a guy that screwed up. I feel it would be wrong to date him even though my BFF says I should to make her feel better, am I wrong?


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  • I think you should not hook up with him. I think he is just trying to see if he can hook up with both of you. He already got your friend and now he wants you because he never dated you. I don't think it's worth it to ruin the friendship. Some friends I knew lost friends because they slept with their best friends exs or hook ups. I think it makes thigns worser if your friend was to find out about it. One way to look at it is if you think your best friend is really your best friend?If she is then don't do it. If it's something yo ucan risk loosing her friendship for then do it. I feel their would be different reasons for you to date him and the only big reason as to why not is because of your best friend.


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  • Ummm, please girl. This guy hooked up with your boyfriend and now wants to date you? Run and don't look back. He isn't worth your time. He doesn't get to decide when he wants you and then you are available whenever he deems he's ready. No ma'am, move on. You deserve better and you're worth more than that.

    • Best friend. I put boyfriend and it got changed to boyfriend. Weird.

  • Ummmm, okay. Wow. He's using you big time. I haven't been in a lot of relationship as at all, but is this how it goes? First off, if y'all are friends then I hop he's paying bills 50-50. Second off, stop sleeping with him. Thirdly, "friends" don't get jealous of other guys. You need to lay down some ground rules. Friends help pay bills and friends don't sleep with each other.

    • Umm. Wrong post sorry.