Is it possible that he is stiill in love with me?

Okay so I've dated this guy for 3 years and I love him very much but my parents really don't like him and one day just said you aren't allowed to date him anymore. I crumbled to their will and broke up with him but I immediately regretted it he means everything to me. he is now dating someone else since November 20 she is better than me in so many categories, her parents will deal with him, she is prettier, she is more confident almost everything she does is better than me. I must admit it's left me feeling quite bitter and lonely. But there is a fault with this girl, she is a huge flirt and cheater she doesn't, and never has taken any of her relationships seriously I think the only reason why she is with him is because she thinks she has sgtrong feelings for him, but she has even cheated on him with two other people, I would tell him but I don't think he would believe me, He puts his trusty into the people he dates. but 3 years ago when we first started dating he gave me this note, it read "there will be past loves. And there will be present loves. but you will always be my only true love." This is the only thing that gives me hope, and I wonder what could it mean. we've had little communication since I had to break up with him but if you need more details to figure it out like about how he acts towards me I will be glad to let you know.


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  • Things like this can hurt. Believe me ik. I'm actually on the other side of the fence with this. I was dating the most beautiful funny girl on the earth, one that I truly love. Her parents made her break up with me because she was getting depressed that we hadn't see each other for a while because times were tough. The difference being that she has not contacted me since. She immediately started seeing someone else. It hurts me every time I think about her but Ik she's happy so I have to behappy for her. But you hold something special, that note. Don't lose confidence because it takes a lot for a guy to actually mean the depth behind I love you. And not only did he mean it, he showed it in that note. And if you truly love him and he really ment those words your love shall return. Your hearts will rejoin and flame will flickr. But you must be patient and know in your heart things will be OK if they are really ment to be


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  • Please move on and don't waste any more energy on hjm