Did this date go well ?

From my experience , If a girl tells you '' It was nice to meet you '' after a date ( whether by text , phone call , email, verbally etc ) , it normally indicates lack of interest. But in this case , she text'd me '' It was nice to meet you . Let's speak soon . Do you think there's an interest ?


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  • well what do you expect her to say? "Hey, I had a splendifferous time with you, and now I want to have your children?" How does "It was nice to meet you" indicate a lack of interest!? There's not much to talk about after the first date, and lots of girls don't like to initiate contact after that. We much prefer for the guy to do that. I'd say she definitely has interest! Just don't weird her out or anything in these early stages. Tell her something along the lines of, "Hey, it was great meeting you too. Maybe we can hang out again sometime?" This keeps it casual, and opens you up for future dates, without pressuring her with any specifics. Wait for her okay, and then ask her out after a few days... so it's not like you're sitting at the computer waiting for a response. (that's kinda creepy...)

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  • I don't think it indicates a lack of interest.

    If she didn't like you @ all, I doubt she'd contact you after that date.

    It is a good sign.

  • Yes, there possibly is some interest there. Otherwise I can not imagine why she would the let's speak soon. Text her about a week after your date occurred with a simple message that asks how she is doing or would she like to meet for coffee and see where the conversation goes.

  • yes :)

  • She is interested in talking more and or hanging again in other words she is showing interest now what interest that's something you will have to figure out in time.

  • maybe as a friend women are always real can't wait to see you again types not nice meeting you types

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