When to confront a person you're dating about them seeing other people?

I started hanging out with this girl and we get along really well. I'm taking things slow and we haven't kissed or anything yet, but we have cuddled while watching movies and fell asleep together. And I've already met a bunch of her friends.

But the thing is she seems to be also hanging out with a couple different guys. Now, in the past I would have jumped on her back and been all accusatory because I was insecure, but now I figure I'll let it play out and see what happens, plus I'm pretty sure she would just say they are friends at this point. As much as I don't do that, I understand people dating multiple people at the same time.

At what point would it be okay to say "Hey, so I see you hanging out with these other guys. What's the deal? I really like you, but I don't like you seeing them while you're also seeing me, too."?

Any thoughts?


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  • Bein exclusive is only when you're both serious

    I'm not sure she's there yet


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  • I am just like you, and am trying to also accept when people are seeing more than one person during this stage. You guys have not even kissed yet, it definitely needs to be after that. Just go out on more dates like dinner, kiss her, maybe give her flowers id just anything to make it seem more exclusive before you drop that line on her


What Guys Said 1

  • I would tell her that if our dating "upgrades" to a relationship.